What Does Money Mean To You?

Money is an energy. It ebbs and flows like other types of energy. Our attitude towards it can determine whether it flows freely or not. Money itself is neither good nor bad; it depends on how it’s put to use.

Sometimes it seems that we give money just too much power. For example, we may use it as a symbol of security, or to define our value or that of others. Many women apparently have a fear of becoming poverty stricken in old age…even wealthy movie stars.

Martha Beck says that the things we desire aren’t what we really want. What we really want is the good feelings that come with them, not the actual things or experiences themselves. When we’re seeking money and/or the things money can buy we may be looking for feelings such as security, personal value or self esteem, fulfillment or joy.

How much money is enough? My partner and I realized, after several discussions on the topic, that we have recurring thoughts that limit us such as “If we had just a little more money, we’d be okay…we’d be able to work less and travel more”; or “What if we don’t have enough down the road?” You fill in the blanks with whatever your repetitive thoughts are. They may be related to topics such as the type of work you want to do or to not working at all; to moving out of the city or to another country.

One of the main things we learned in India is that we are extremely well off compared to people in developing countries. Although we don’t live in a flashy way, we could spend the rest of our lives simplifying and never even come close to the standard of living of the average Indian.

My point here is that we have enough. We can do whatever our heart desires. It’s not so much the actual amount of money but the belief that we can succeed in creating the life we long for. Then we put into place the actions needed to make it happen.


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