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For us, the most exciting and rewarding aspect of our work is assisting and supporting you to change how you think about money.

Your thoughts and beliefs are major influences on your financial choices and decisions. Often, these thoughts and beliefs are unconscious – in other words, we don’t realise they are the drivers behind our choices and decisions!

Don’t worry, everyone has them. Everyone has put their own, unique meanings onto money; it’s a perfectly natural thing to do.

What we want to help you to do is discover what meanings YOU have put onto money, wealth, abundance, etc. Identify the supportive ones and embrace them and utilise them in your life. Identify the unsupportive ones and change them or let them go.

Financial Dictionary

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Australian Shareholders’ Association Application Form

The Australian Shareholders’ Association (ASA), a non-profit organisation, has been protecting and advancing the rights of shareholders in Australian listed companies since 1960. With a focus on good company performance and governance, the ASA has been successful in raising the standard of corporate behaviour in Australia.

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Powerful Visualisation and Meditation

Want a powerful visualisation and meditation? We have one for you – Creating Abundance and Wealth – and it’s FREE
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Throughout the ages, it has been recognized that living an Abundant, Balanced and Healthy life is enhanced by regularly using meditation and visualization processes.

We know that meditation and visualization is powerful, and it works, so we have created our own meditation/visualization and we’re making the recording available to you, for free, no obligation.

You can start using it today – right now, in fact!

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Louise is facilitating the process for you. The preview above gives you a feel for her voice and the quality of the production.

So, what is meditation and visualization?

“Meditation is a mental practice and process by which one attempts to get beyond the reflexive, “thinking” mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness. It has been practiced since antiquity. Today, meditation is used for a wide range of reasons:

– the transformation of attitudes, including money attitudes,

– greater creativity, self-awareness and ability to receive,

– build self esteem and self confidence,

– de-stress, relax and create a peaceful frame of mind”

“Visualisation is the process of picturing an image, or images, of what you want, then seeing them as already happening or having manifested. What you visualise is what you create.”

Listen to ‘Creating Abundance & Wealth’ at least 3 times a week – we know you will benefit!

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Meaning of Money

Have a look at this video – the link is below. It shows the work of Byron Katie, an exceptional therapist in the US. She works with people and helps them identify the attitudes and beliefs that rule their lives.

Once you have watched the video, just sit quietly and have a think about what ideas, attitudes and meanings YOU have attached to money and all things financial. Make a note of them. Sometimes, just by becoming aware of them, they can lose, or loosen, their grip on you. Regularly doing some creative visualisations or meditations, or having some personal coaching, can turn the negatives into a positive.

For now, enjoy the following video.