The Rich Don’t Get Rich Alone

If you’re trying to go it alone, you’ll probably never make it. What you need is what I finally figured out I needed, and that’s OP power. What’s OP power? It’s Other People Power. Let me share a true story with you that happened to me. A few years ago when I was not yet a Rich Idiot, I began buying properties. At first things were good. So good in fact that I bought more. Then more.

And that’s when I ran into trouble. Not because I was buying properties, but because I was inspecting them myself, closing on them myself, searching for them myself, fixing them up myself, renting them out myself. The result? My family life suffered. My health suffered. And if I hadn’t gotten some very good advice, my business would have suffered.

And that advice is what I’m sharing here with you. Get help. Find experts. Find support. It’s out there. You’ll do yourself and your own journey to wealth a HUGE favor when you tap into OP Power.

You May Have too Many Goals… That’s right? Sounds strange, but it’s true. Too many goals can block your wealth pathways. Why? Think about it. Instead of focusing on the only goal you need to become wealthy (and I’ll tell you what that goal is in a minute) you are focusing on a whole bunch of goals all of which can be very distracting. Suddenly you are stressing out if your dozen or hundred goals aren’t being achieved.

Now, your attention is diverted. Now you are thinking-panicking-about the private school for your kids, the new business you wanted to set up, the new home you set a goal to purchase, the weekends off…and the list of goals goes on and on. All you need is just one goal. What’s the one goal you need?

Make the Personal Commitment

It doesn’t matter that your bills are piling up, that the financial news is black and getting blacker, that you are tired, overwhelmed and terrified. Why doesn’t it matter? Because I’ve been there too. Believe it or not there was a time, not so long ago, that I was down to a jar of change-that’s it-that’s all the money I had. So I know all about scared.

But I’ll let you in on something that kept me going back then, and still keeps me going every single day. Five little sentences that I repeat morning and night and when I say it, suddenly my fear disappears. Let me share it with you. Try it. You’ll see. “I’m (say your name here). This is my commitment. I commit to filling my life with wealth. I commit to filling my life with happiness. I commit to being bold. I commit to taking positive actions. I commit to a new result”.


Robert Shemin, JD, MBA, and Wall Street Journal bestseller, who was once considered the “least likely to succeed,” is a multi-millionaire who speaks to hundreds of thousands yearly. Find out more about Robert at