Managing your Space

“Space management is even more important than time management”, said Thomas Leonard, founder of the coaching profession.

During the holidays, I turned on the TV and saw Oprah talk to an amazing woman by the name of Julie Morgenstern. Julie had written a New York Times a bestseller entitled “Organising from the Inside Out”. She talked about managing and organising your space so that your space reflects your values and your goals. What Julie said went far beyond clearing out the clutter and the old rule of “when in doubt, throw it out”.

She explained how clutter occurs on three levels:

At level 1: the problem is technical and can be changed with education,

At level 2: the problem is due to external realities that can’t be changed, therefore acceptance is needed to move forward,

At level 3: the problem is due to psychological obstacles that can be resolved through awareness.
This approach has a close affinity with the All Money Matters philosophy.

It’s not that I don’t believe in coincidences, but the next week was filled with books, magazine articles and people, all telling me about the amazing power of managing my space.

The common theme from these sources was how much more relaxed, productive, successful and abundant we become when we manage our space.

I find when I have been managing my space and clearing the clutter, I am more productive & relaxed. What I am most excited about is the increase in clarity that I now have (and am continuing to have) around my goals and what I really want.

So how about clearing any clutter from the inside out! You may well find your finances ‘clear up’ too! Let us know how you go! We always love to hear about your experiences.


Jon Paul Miller is a Director and full-time coach with All Money Matters. Jon Paul does 1:1 consulting as well as facilitating Groups. For more information contact